What we do

Put simply we are here to help anyone in the Falkland Islands with any sort of problem. It may be debt problems, it may be any sort of social or welfare issue. You may have a dispute with someone over any matter. You might simply want some free advice on how to go about doing something or have difficulty filling in forms. You may want a quick 15 minutes of free legal advice. Since we were formed we have helped resolve many issues - some more complicated than others, but some are only a question of a quick chat on the phone. Whatever it is, if you are not sure who to turn to for help, we will be able to assist.

We are all volunteers and there are others also who have technical or specific skills who have agreed to help out with specific problems that one of us may not be able to assist with. We can always point you in the right direction.

Anything we do is free - there is no charge at all for anything that we do. In the case of legal advice, we can arrange for a quick initial free piece of advice - that may well help you decide what to do next.


Confidentiality is assured in all cases.